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Surepost Online

  • SpamX / Junk Mail Elimination
    Don't put up with SPAM or Junk Mail one day longer !

    Surepost uses a multi layered system to block junk Email. With the help of Surepost SpamX effectively 100% of the junk e-mail or SPAM that you are receiving is eliminated from your inbox.
  • Email Viruses
    Surepost uses a multi leveled approach to blocking viruses and malicious content from reaching your computer – Mail Scanning, Disabling Malicious Commands in Surepost Online, Blocking External Links without your permission, Warning of Potentially Dangerous Attachments, Blocking Offensive Images in SpamX, Blocking Email Tracking and Phishing, and there are more.
  • Going Mobile
    Staying connected has become very important. Surepost Apps is designed specifically so you have your Email, Calendars, and Addresses from mobile devices, as well as your office, and home computers. Surepost Apps keeps all your computers and mobile devices synchronized.
  • Surepost Calendars
    Surepost enables you to create a private calendar for your own personal use, a public calendar that can be viewed from your Website, group calendars that can be seen by anyone in your work group, or to create a business calendar where an assistant help you maintain your schedule and because it is Online, your office will always know your appointments when you are on the road or at home.
  • Project Manager
    The Surepost Project Manager makes it possible to track tasks, assign staff, and monitor time spent on a job. Use this basic yet useful tool to maintain links to Group Folders, where e-mails and contacts relating to project updates and details can be organized.
  • Protecting Your Privacy
    Protection from viruses and malicious content in Email, has always been one of the most important features in Surepost. It is where the name SurePost came from. Surepost Apps uses 256 bit SSL to increase your safety.
  • Encrypted Messages
    In both business and travel there are often times when security is very important. Surepost now takes you to the next level. With Surepost Security Encryption you can send and receive password key protected encrypted messages.
  • We Listen to Your Needs
    Surepost Version 5 is the result of Surepost Team raising the bar by listening to you the client. The above list only represents the headlines of Surepost. There are many more important tools, such as the Copy Command – how many times have you wanted to add file references, to the subject line of incoming mail, to make it easier to find at a later date. Also there are other major features such as Surepost MultiMailer that have been added to group accounts to meet special needs. If you need something special let us know. Our team is continuing to work on meeting the needs our users ask for.

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